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DHA,   DHCC,   HAAD / DOH ,   MOH  Licensing.


It is mandatory for Physicians, Surgeons and all Allied Healthcare professionals to obtain a UAE Healthcare license to practice in United Arab Emirates. Once you decide which Emirate you wish to work and live in, you may initiate your licensing process for that Emirate or also apply for multiple licenses simultaneously.Write to us on license@davidsondubai.com for details on DHA, DHCC, DOH and MOH licensing in UAE. We specialize in headhunting top notch International and locally based Board Certified, Fellowship trained subspecialty doctors for hospitals, clinics, medical centers and medical universities in UAE and across the Middle East.Connect with us to speak to Tier 1 & Tier 2 Physicians, Surgeons and allied healthcare processionals from across the globe.

“We” is a powerful word and we at Davidson Management Consultants work as a team with Hospitals, Medical Centers, SMEs and large Corporations to headhunt, screen, interview, assess, recommend and recruit the best Doctors and Leaders for our clients.

We relentlessly focus on our clients' success and that’s what our clients love about us.

"Davidson Management Consultants is one of the best among the few good medical and healthcare recruitment agencies in Dubai,Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.Their professional healthcare consultants make sure that the doctors gets a very transparent picture of the entire recruitment process and they try their best to quicken the interview processes and show a lot of patience and understanding while coordinating between busy Physicians and their equally busy clients. I would highly recommend Davidson Healthcare Recruitment services"

Dr. Nadeem Haider ( Consultant Paediatric Surgeon )

"Davidson Management Consultants is one the best medical and healthcar recruitment agencies in Abu Dhabi and Dubai who have a good understanding of the healthcare industry and its requirements. The consultants have always kept me up to date with the progress and feedback throughout the recruitment and DHA licensing process. I will surely recommend their medical recruitment services to Physicians looking for their next career move and to Hospitals looking for qualified Physicians “

Dr. Sandhya Aletty ( Specialist ObGyn )


If you are a hospital, a medical center, an SME or large corporation seeking to obtain the services of a genuine healthcare recruiment agency or a leadership hiring consultancy then we are a call away.



Comprehensive healthcare projects management solutions is another area in which Davidson Management Consultants excel. Serving investors, private equity companies or healthcare industry veterans looking at being a part of the rapidly growing healthcare and medical industry covering the local region as well as international medical tourism. Dubai and Abu Dhabi are well set and moving fast in the right direction to establish themselves as trusted medical tourism destinations. The country already attracts millions of visitors from across the world to its cities and are a growing and dominant name in the global tourism industry with an excellent mix of a great quality of life, top educational institutions, beautiful places to visit, some of the worlds best tourist attractions, multicultural environment, extremely safe society and excellent infrastructure and connectivity. Add to this the latest cutting edge healthcare facilities being built along with the existing ones with beautiful interiors and latest international medical equipment second to none in the world. All the above factors have enabled Dubai and Abu Dhabi to be in the forefront of attracting international healthcare and medical professionals. The tax free salaries, great connectivity, central location of UAE and the promise that this vibrant healthcare sector provides to physicians and surgeons is helping UAE to attract the best in the world. These top doctors and surgeons in turn bring with themselves a great trove of knowledge, experience and best practices in the healthcare and medical fields gained through their years of international medical practice. We have been serving a growing number of clients who introduce innovative ways to provide healthcare services to the region and have setup dual specialty hospitals, small to medium sized polyclinics, super specialty boutiques providing access to the best healthcare and medical services in those respective specialties and subspecialties for the local population and increasingly catering to the growing number of medical tourists in the region. Davidson Management Consultants, a leading medical and healthcare recruitment agency in Abu Dhabi and Dubai providing international recruitment solutions to hospitals, medical centers and polyclinics aims at constantly adding more value to our clients. Clients looking for setting up a hospital, or acquiring an existing medical center or clinic in Dubai or Abu Dhabi will be able to receive from our healthcare project management consultants, comprehensive consultancy covering feasibility studies, business plans with profitability studies, multiple location sourcing, private equity consultation, construction planning, DHA and HAAD compliant hospital and clinic design, recruitment, corporate business planning, shakedown and handover. To connect with the best in healthcare project management and to understand how we could service your healthcare project management needs, contact us or write to us and we will be glad to assist you.




"My search for a reliable healthcare recruitment agency in Dubai took me some time to experience a handful of other healthcare recruitment agencies in Dubai and a few healthcare recruitment agencies in Abu Dhabi. These experiences, though not completely sour, brought me to Davidson healthcare recruitment agency in Dubai.With a Tier 1 Board certifications and western qualifications, I was seeking a role in an established hospital or healthcare organization that valued qualifications, experience, skills and humans.Davidson healthcare recruitment agency in Dubai was able to connect and introduce me to a handful of such hospitals which were all great organizations to work for, however, I was looking for a healthcare organization, hospital or medical facility which believed in recruiting the best healthcare professionals not only for profit but also for absorbing the intangible value that such surgeons and physicians inevitably bring to their respective employers. I was not looking to work for a hospital or a healthcare facility, I was looking to work with them. Having been headhunted by a Consultant at Davidson healthcare recruitment agency in Dubai, I was initially not expecting much as I had faced average service from other healthcare recruitment agencies in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, but very soon I realized that the service at the Davidson medical recruitment agency in Dubai was at a completely different level and I soon realized that I was on to something here and would soon be able to take on a great opportunity in Dubai or within UAE. Within two weeks of initial contact with Davidson the healthcare recruitment agency, I was able to secure a dream job. An opportunity that not only provided a challenging role but also compensated well. The hospital had a great team, full of energy and bubbling with ideas about how to bring the best quality of healthcare services to the region not only in my subspecialty but also in the other specialties that the hospital was providing. I got an opportunity to work very closely with the top management and was able to contribute to the core inputs aimed at taking the organization to the next level, all the while being able to simultaneously perform my clinical responsibilities. The Davidson healthcare recruitment consultants have a good understanding of the healthcare industry and its requirements. The medical consultants have always kept me up to date with the progress and feedback throughout the recruitment and HAAD licensing process. I will surely recommend them as one of the best healthcare and medical recruitment agencies in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, UAE to Physicians looking for their next career move and to Hospitals, Medical centers looking for qualified doctors or allied healthcare professionals"


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