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Davidson Management Consultants in Dubai are specialists in international recruitment of Physicians and Surgeons. Our clients include some of the largest private JCIA hospitals in the region.Our services include strategic advisory services, business process enhancement including JCI Accreditation, CAP Laboratory Accreditation, ISO 9001, sick unit transformation, HMIS implementation, developing medical facility SOPs, tariffs, policies, biomedical equipment consulting, healthcare facilities design and build services, project management consulting and IT consulting services like healthcare systems acquisition (please scroll down for details on our healthcare management services).This has cemented our place as one of the leading healthcare recruitment and consulting agencies in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.



Davidson Healthcare Recruitment is the leading healthcare and medical recruitment agency in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.We are known by our customers to be among the top healthcare and medical recruitment companies in Abu Dhabi and Dubai providing headhunting and doctor recruitment services for hospitals and medical centres in Abu Dhbai and Dubai.Our successful track record in Physician recruitment has gained us the distinction of being one of the top medical and healthcare recruitment agencies in UAE. 



Doctors seeking employment in UAE must obtain a license from the relevant health authority of the emirate they wish to work in.DHA or Dubai Health Authority for Dubai.HAAD or Health Authority of Abu Dhabi for Abu Dhabi,DHCC for Dubai Healthcare City and MOH for Sharjah and the other Emirates.For details on DHA licensing or HAAD licensing and HAAD exam details please connect with us.Physicians and Surgeons seeking assistance in initiating and completing the DHA licensing, HAAD licensing, MOH licensing or DHCC licensing process can contact us or write to us on licensing@davidsondubai.com


With the rapid growth in the number of hospitals, medical clinics and polyclinics in the region, especially in and around Dubai and Abu Dhabi, there is a rising demand and focus on the recruitment of licensed Nurses in UAE. The number of open jobs for nurses in Dubai and Abu Dhabi has surged and we have made sure that we have been able to recruit qualified and licensed nurses for our clients within the set tight deadlines, which are a norm in this fast paced healthcare industry. Davidson Management Consultants also specialize in the recruitment of qualified nurses from the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and India. We specialize in bulk recruitment of nurses from the above mentioned countries. Our nurse recruitment consultants cater to hospitals or medical centers looking to recruit a minimum of 10 nurses and more. Our consultants assist with the complete logistics of travel options for recruitment, documentation, on site coordination, Skype interviews, based on the requirements of the client. Apart from bulk recruitment of nurses for Dubai and Abu Dhabi from Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and India, we also recruit DHA, MOH and HAAD Licensed nurses currently working in UAE and seeking new opportunities within Sharjah, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, Ajman and Umm Al Quain. Hospitals which have recruited general nurses and subspecialty nurses from Davidson have found our recruitment services valuable, efficient and quick. These are the qualities that each of our consultants live and exhibit in order to make our client recruitment experience with Davidson worthwhile.



As the top healthcare and medical recruitment agency in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, the prime focus of our healthcare recruitment consultants is to speak and interact with top notch Board Certified and Fellowship trained Doctors and Subspecialty Surgeons from across the globe providing them consultation on Physician recruitment trends, the local healthcare market, relevant healthcare opportunities, medical professional salary benchmarks, relocation advice, educational facilities in the region recruitment, information on the lifestyle and culture, medical licensing requirements for DHA, HAAD, DHCC and MOH. These are a combination of factors that international doctors and medical professionals consider in depth before they make a move from their current overseas job locations to UAE. Davidson healthcare consultancy has recruited international doctors for our clients in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Ras Al Khaimah and Sharjah. Our clients comprise single or dual specialty hospitals or polyclinics, multispecialty hospitals and medium sized medical centers. When recruiting international Physicians and Surgeons, reliable information on and assistance with licensing requirements for DHA, HAAD, MOH and DHCC play a vital role in the decision making process of the doctors for whom the move is always one of the major life decisions as the relocation involves their entire family, spouse employment, new school admissions for children, and accommodation being a few of the top concerns. Our medical recruitment consultants understand how important and sensitive timely and accurate information is for our candidates in order to make the move on time, keeping in mind the urgency of the vacancy and the time required to wind up and move to an entirely new country. All our candidates have been is close touch with us post recruitment and we are happy and always feel proud to see the ease with which our candidates were able to relocate, settle down, get admissions and work successfully with our clients. Non licensed Physicians and Surgeons currently working overseas, seeking to work in UAE, if you do not have the time or resources to gather all the information required on how to get a DHA license (Dubai Health Authority) or how to get a HAAD license (Health Authority of Abu Dhabi), DHCC (Dubai Health Care City) or MOH (Ministry of Health) license, you may contact us on license@davidsondubai.com or call us to obtain assistance on how to get a DHA, HAAD / DOH, DHCC or MOH license. Our medical licensing consultants will guide you from scratch till obtaining a date for exam, providing you with all medical licensing information required to know how to apply for a DHA license or a HAAD / DOH license, DHCC or MOH license to work in the UAE. Once you pass your DHA exam, you will receive an Eligibility letter which will immediately increase your chances of employment in UAE. Upon passing the HAAD exam you will be qualified as a HAAD passer and will similarly improve your job search prospects exponentially.




Evaluation of impact of external factors on hospital operations, future expansion and modification.

Study of external and internal traffic flow of Patients, visitors, staff and vendors.

Compliance to regulation and JCI (or any other accreditation)

Study of impact of climatic variation and natural disasters.

Rigging routes for heavy equipment.

Guidance in preparation of loaded drawings.




  • Organizational Assessment Audits
  • Management Restructuring
  • Accreditation (JCI, CAP, ISO 9001)
  • Development of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Policies, Tariffs, etc.
  • Hospital Management Information System (HMIS) Implementation



Evaluating the impact of any proposed change

Preparation of Manpower plan, recruitment and onboarding timelines

Equipment Procurement timeline and coordination

Policies and protocols

Process flows

Guidance for Strategic plan

Operational budgeting (with support from Finance team)

HIS Planning

Equipment procurement planning

IT Hardware and stationary





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